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Chiropractic Care
in Somerset, PA

Schrock Chiropractic Clinic, P.C., est. 1959

Schrock Chiropractic Clinic is a musculoskeletal clinic in Somerset, PA, that offers manual adjustments and other chiropractic services. Having been open for sixty years, we have the most experience in treating muscular skeletal conditions in the Somerset area. 
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Natural and Effective Therapeutic Services to Promote Health

Chiropractic treatments promote health naturally. The purpose of care is to restore and maintain the health of the whole person, not just treating isolated symptoms or diseases. 


Chiropractic care aims to restore and maintain normal structure and nervous system function.

There are five major goals of chiropractic care:

•Relieve Pain
•Promote Full Healing
•Restore and Maintain Full Function
•Reduce the Likelihood of Reinjury
•Prevent Accelerated Degeneration.

Joint and muscle tissue often become injured due to active forces like trauma, lifting, and bending. However, they are also damaged from passive forces such as bad posture and sleep habits. An inactive lifestyle, poor nutrition, and even a negative outlook also contributes to more frequent injuries with slower healing time.

Tissue injury causes restriction of motion due to:

•Inflammation and Swelling


•Muscle Spasms

Chiropractic Treatments to Promote Health Naturally

Chiropractors use controlled forces called adjustments to help promote healing. Adjustments help relieve pain, as well as restore and maintain movement, biomechanics, and function. Chiropractic adjustments also help to restore blood flow to the discs which is important to prevent disc degeneration.

A History of Over Sixty Years of Care to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Kirk Schrock graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1985. He is a second-generation chiropractor; his father, Dr. Stan Schrock, started the clinic in 1959. Dr. Kirk Schrock joined him in 1985, and has continued the practice since his father retired in 1996. Dr. Schrock has now been practicing in the Somerset area for 34 years. He resides in Somerset with his wife, Laura, and his sons Jack and Sam.

Dr. Schrock is a member of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association. Our clinic is dedicated to provide a personalized approach to your health care needs. We will take the necessary time to properly evaluate your condition and then provide effective and affordable care to return you to an active lifestyle. Our experienced  staff is looking forward to helping you feel better, so call now for an appointment.

While the adjustment is the primary care type to promote healing, many chiropractors also utilize therapeutic procedures. These include:

•Ultrasound Therapy – A method of therapy to reduce inflammation.
•Electrical Muscle Stimulation
•Ice and Heat Applications

With Our Help to Start, Continue Your Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

After a patient’s condition has resolved, many patients choose to continue care because of their improvement and overall wellbeing. Our patients report that they feel better, sleep better, have less chronic pain, and notice improved performance in daily actions. Many patients report they have less of the chronic pain that they had thought they would have to live with. Most patients find that continued care every month works the best for them. 
Regular chiropractic care helps:

•Restore and Maintain Full Range of Motion
•Promote Full Function
•Improve Biomechanics
•Optimize Performance and Coordination
•Maintain Joint Stability
•Induce Wellbeing and Relaxation
•Improve Nutrition to Discs and Joints
•Reduce Degeneration and the Risk of Injury

We Offer the Best Products and Supplements to Assist Recovery

There are many kinds of therapeutic devices that can enhance your recovery and experience. We keep a stock of several of these items, including TENS machines used for electrical stimulation, different kinds of massagers and supports, and ice and thermal packs for temperature therapy.

We also have a selection of vitamins and supplements that can help deliver missing nutrients to your musculoskeletal system that will also aid your spinal health.

Visit our clinic to see the many kinds of products we have to offer:

Biofreeze Products

Doctor’s Pride Vitamins

Ice Packs


Standard Process Supplements


TENS Machines

…and More

We Accept the Following Insurance Companies

Schrock Chiropractic accepts insurance from a variety of companies. Insurance arrangements are subject to change at any time, so please check when making your appointment.

•Worker’s Compensation

•Auto Insurance

•Highmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield

•Security Blue

•Freedom Blue

•UPMC Health Plans




•United Health Care


•Coventry Health Care

For a full list of insurances, call us.

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